iOS + Android = $9500

We develop mobile applications for startups

Either you are in the Silicon Valley, or in Siberia, you need to make the prototype, to sell it and start earning. Eventually, it is everything, which any startup does.

Guy Kawasaki, Managing Director of “Garage Technology Ventures”. In 1984, he was responsible for market launch of the first model of Apple Macintosh

Fast and affordable start

Launch, survive and earn

Special feature of a startup development is that it does not have any proven business model, which is guaranteed to provide revenue after the certain time period. This is often an experiment, a combination of several monetization schemes and a new type of audience. In such circumstances, the quick launch and flexibility in changes are far more important than long-term planning. In addition, startups have very limited resources at launch. We make the first launch of startups for 4-5 weeks with the cost of a ready application of $9500.

On the right: video record of the work of our application to order pizza – Food Mobile

We save not on quality

Lean production

We use the “Lean production” method to save the project budget. It is also referred to as “lean manufacturing”, “bootstraping” (tightening belts) is another close term. The sense of the method is in cutting the functionality that is not of a high value for the end-user. In other words, during each new sprint we add only those functions, without which the application really cannot be launched. This can be compared with a visit to the IKEA shop. You can always buy there everything you need, even if you have a modest budget.

 On the left: interactive prototype of the mobile application “Dog Locator”.

Smartphone Connection

Complete solutions

We are working on the Scrum flexible development methodology. The development plan consists of the complete short iterations – sprints. Duration of each sprint equals to 4 weeks. As a result of each sprint, we get the fully tested and ready to work mobile applications. Thus, the customer gets the most rapid return on their investments and feedback from his users. This enables you to flexibly restructure the development plan in accordance with the wishes of the end user of the application, as these wishes can be very different from the original view of our client.

To the right: interactive prototype of the mobile application “Norilsk current events guide”

Ready components for quick start

We have been able to highlight the most popular features of applications into the individual components and re-use them in new projects. At the start of the project this approach allows to significantly save your budget and time.

An example of such a ready-made solution is chat, integrated into the mobile application. In its work it recalls the known messengers, such as WhatsApp and Telegram. The exchange of messages occurs instantly, without overloading the server through the use of the modern real-time technology named Meteor.

Your advantages

Let us sum up and once again specify the basic benefits from the work with us:


Inexpensive and quick

Our methodology of launching mobile applications for startups can significantly reduce the budget and time.


The second platform at half-price

Thanks to the efficient organization of the processes of developing mobile applications, we provide a 50% discount on the development of your application for Android, if you order the application for both platforms. This means that the subsequent development of the project will cost you much cheaper than the traditional development.


Reducing the risks of the client

  1. Even before the start of the project, we show you the running functionality, which will be provided after adjustments.
  2. Every four weeks we are releasing a completely ready-to-use product that corresponds to the approved work plan.

We have carried out projects for:

Selected projects

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  3. Two additional months of free technical support.