iOS + Anroid = $19500

We develop mobile applications for e-commerce

44% of online-consumers have used mobile devices for the purchase of goods or services at least once in the past six months, as specified in the research by Nielsen

Nielsen is the leading independent global company, which holds marketing measurements in the industry of demand for daily goods, media measurement and consumer research.

The market is changing

44% of orders are made from mobile devices

The market of Internet trade is changing with every year and now a significant, and sometimes the largest part of the profit, comes from user activity in mobile applications. Thus, if you ignore this segment of consumers, you simply lose a significant part of the profits. Global trends are difficult to be influenced, it is much wiser to follow them. Companies that are not keeping pace with change in accordance with the business climate, as a rule, go into bankruptcy. But we can help you.

Applications for a reasonable price

designed specifically for your internet-store

We have found a way to reduce the development costs of mobile applications for online stores. We have identified the most important and frequently used features into a separate model project. It looks similar to construction of houses by the ready drawings. Each apartment is individual and cozy, but nobody designs the whole house from scratch every time.

The minimum cost of such application is $19500 for the two versions (iOS + Android).  Development period equals to 6 weeks.

Left: the video recording of the work of our model project for online-stores on the example of application to order pizza

What is included in the price?

The specified $19500 include the basic functionality required to run any Internet-store, namely:

  1. Registration and authorization via SMS without the need to remember your password
  2. Multi-level product categories
  3. The list of products in the category
  4. The card of the product with the images gallery and various parameters of the product
  5. Adding the product to the cart from the list of products and the product card
  6. Cart
  7. Automatic detection of the address and its clarification on the next screen (apartment, Intercom number, etc)
  8. Processing and submitting an order
  9. Orders history and re-order from the history
  10. A list of special offers and the full text of the offer with the image gallery

Two platforms at once

The most surprising is that the specified price includes the development of application for the two platforms at once: iOS + Android. That is, in fact, you get immediately two applications for $19500 and after 6 weeks of work.  How do we manage to do it? We use the revolutionary technology React Native from Facebook. Such well-known applications, as Facebook Groups, Facebook Ads Manager, Instagram, Airbnb, DriveTribe, Vogue, Walmart, Bloomberg and others are also written on the basis of this technology. This technology allows you to partially reuse the code on the second platform, while leaving the two applications fully native. That is, a regular mobile programmer in the traditional programming environment xCode or Android Studio can assemble them.

Does a model project suit me?

In the start-up kit we adapt the design of the application for your corporate identity. Thus, in four weeks you receive your personal mobile applications, carried out based on the characteristics of your business.


Is further development of the application is possible?

After the startup launch of the application we are interested also in the further development of your application for your needs.


How is your version better than applications builder?

  1. Any builder offers placing content on its server. This condition makes it impossible to connect the builder to already working systems on your server.
  2. The result of the development will be fully yours, will run on your account and your server. Thus, for the specified amount you become a full-fledged buyer and not the lessee of the designed software complex.
  3. Developers of builders are not interested in the improvements and changes of its product for the needs of a particular customer. On the contrary, we offer to develop the project to suit your needs after launching the start-up functionality.


How good will be the quality of the application you made?

Please see our projects and download our already completed applications to ensure the quality of our work. We are also ready to carry out a personal demonstration for you in the office.

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