Many users would like to help charitable funds by small affordable amounts, but are afraid of the organizational complexity and do not have the spare funds. The purpose of the application is to make charity a simple and everyday activity.

Detailed task

The set task consists of two subtasks:

  1. Help everyone make good deeds, regardless of the income
  2. Organize micro-payments from users so that this does not create a headache for accounting and management, because the integrated cost of calculating each small transaction is comparable with the transaction itself.


The set task is solved by development of the mobile application to display advertising on the lock screen of a smartphone. This application also required the server part and control system.


Advertiser pays service for placing his banners in the application. A user receives points for viewing this advertising, which later can be transferred into cash donations to charitable funds. The service receives commission = the difference between the cost of the impressions of the ad and the amount transferred to a charity fund


  1. Mobile application based on the proposed design
  2. Implemented the ability to upload interactive games as advertising content.
  3. Connected Google Analytics and the tool for tracking progress of the app – AppsFlyer


  1. Creation and display of advertising banners, editing content, parameterization and targeting;
  2. Maintenance of the pool of advertisers, charity funds and users;
  3. Formation of the detailed statistics on the advertising viewed by users;
  4. Formation of reports on funds transferred to charity funds;
  5. Feedback from users.


On the left, you can see the screencast of the application.

You can download the app for iOS and Android below:

Google Play  AppStore


Mass media about the application

  • http://rb.ru/opinion/advertising-cherity/
  • https://biz360.ru/materials/kak-zarabotat-na-mobilnom-prilozhenii-kotoroe-pomogaet-pomogat/
  • http://mediaguide.ru/?p=news&id=569f59d3

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