This city is one of the most contaminated cities in the world. Only tundra and the sea around. In the summer railroad and automobile services with the mainland virtually stops. There are 140 thousand residents in the city. The period of stable frost lasts for about 280 days per year. The entry of foreigners to the city is possible only with the permission of the authorities. It would seem what kind of entertainment are we talking about? Our client argued in favour of this decision as “let there be at least something beautiful in our city!”.


However, the decision to start this project was not only emotional, but also economically justified: taking into account the small number of residents in the city site – large aggregators do not consider it a significant market, therefore, the complete information on all activities of the city is not published anywhere. There is not even a full timetable of sessions in all movie theaters. There is no general booking system. And we plan to fill this vacant niche.

Design concept

The first logo, provided by the customer, was in the dark and light-blue colors and portrayed a modern metropolis at night, enchained in ice. The center of attention was dedicated to the symbol of the city – the white bear. However, literally a week after the start of work, another project with bear on the logo and also in blue colours launched in the city.

Red and gray range of colors

We decided to stay in the red and gray option. This option is strict and suits the mood of the city well. Judging by the comments in GooglePlay and AppStore, users liked this design.

Activities and categories

Since there will be quite a lot categories of activities, usage of tabs was considered inappropriate, and we transferred them to the main menu. It was agreed to add gradient in the lower part of the image to make the separation of the activities in the thread more evident and at the same time do not draw the “cards”, which add visual noise.

For kids

Sometimes you want to go somewhere with your kid and do not know where to. We needed some special events guide for children events. Therefore, we have the opportunity to mark some events as recommended for the visits with children, i.e. an event can belong immediately to the two categories, such as “Movies” and “For kids”.

The remaining screens

After the approval of the design concept, we have drawn the remaining screens of the application:

  1. Login and registration
  2. User questionnaire
  3. Schedule and prices for cinemas and theaters
  4. Switching between neighbouring dates when viewing sessions
  5. User agreement


For the events guide application it is important so that the schedule works easy and intuitive. That is why we have rapid switching between the immediate dates of movie-sessions without the need to return to the event filter.

When there is no Internet access

There is Internet in Norilsk, but it does not work always and everywhere. In general, Internet does not work well there. However, users still enjoy mobile applications. In such cases, we needed to have a special mode of app operation – offline mode. We cache all downloaded data, check its relevance and download the updated information only if it is really required.

Administrative interface

We also prepared the admin panel of the project. Administrator panel allows you to implement all necessary functions and has the excellent modern interface.

  • Users. List, editing, deleting.
  • Activities. List of events, editing, deleting.
  • For movie and theater sessions there is a special editing option to make it easy to add dates and time
  • Categories of events.


The result of our work: two mobile applications and server part. You can download the mobile application in AppStore and Google Play. You can also see the interactive prototype of the application directly on our website

Google Play  AppStore

Our task included the development of a complete set of works on the application from scratch:

  1. Detalization of the idea
  2. Preparation of requirements specification
  3. Design concept
  4. Design of the mobile applications, based on the concept
  5. Interactive prototype
  6. Programming of the mobile application for iOS
  7. Programming of the mobile application for Android
  8. Programming of the server part to accumulate and synchronize data from different users.
  9. Programming of the administrative interface
  10. Advise to the customer on the registration of corporate accounts in Appstore and Google Play
  11. Publication of ready applications in Appstore and Google Play

The total development time was equal to 6 weeks.

Do you need the similar project?

The approximate development time of the first complete version: 5-6 weeks. Please fill in the application form below to find out the cost. We do not clone our own or somebody else’s projects. However, references to close applications will help us understand the type of the project faster and evaluate it more accurately.