Once a client came to us with the problem: his best friend’s dog went missing and he could not find it for a long time. This has led him to the idea to create an app to search for lost dogs.


The first question that we ask all our customers is about monetization and generally the economic component of the project. How will it survive, will it get the necessary customer base and be profitable for the customer? We proposed partnership with the services, which many dog owners use, as a possible option for monetization.

How is it now?

We decided to find out how this task is solved now in order to better understand the tasks and problems of our users. This is how it is done:

  1. Publications in social networks with a request to repost.
  2. Announcements with photo in veterinary clinics.
  3. Announcements with photo in the neighbourhood: “Lost dog”.

Search for alternatives

Of course, our customers are far not the first ones to come up with the idea to search lost dogs with the help of mobile applications. We could not find such applications in Russia; however, we have found one Israeli application in Russian and one more, made in New Zealand in partnership with the Pedigree brand.

Design concept

It was decided to use the red colour to identify lost dogs, and the bluish shade of green for found dogs. These colors are enough active themselves and it was extremely undesirable to use any bright colours in the colour scheme. It was agreed to take blue-green as a primary shade and a pale-yellow (vanilla) as an additional one.


Lost and found dogs can be seen both on the map and in the form of a list, sorted by the distance from the user. On the map you can see a smaller version of the card with a dog and go to the full card by tapping it.

Statechart diagram

When designing the structure of the application, we have considered the two main options to use this application:

  1. A user has lost the dog and wants to notify everyone, so that anyone who finds the dog, would see the announcement and respond to it
  2. A user has found the dog and wants to find its owner.

The first logical option is the choice of one of these ways directly on the home screen. However, in the design process we have come to a more universal and concise interface solution: filter dogs based on their “found” / “lost” state. In addition, we made a separate filter named “my dogs” for those, who actively helps finding lost dogs.


The result of our work: two mobile applications and server part. You can download these mobile applications from AppStore and Google play, or you can view the interactive prototype directly on our website.

Google Play  AppStore

Our task included development of these applications from scratch:

  1. Detalization of the idea
  2. Preparation of requirements specification
  3. Design concept
  4. Design of the mobile applications, based on the concept
  5. Interactive prototype
  6. Programming of the mobile application for iOS
  7. Programming of the mobile application for Android
  8. Programming of the server part to accumulate and synchronize data from different users
  9. Advise to the customer on the registration of corporate accounts in Appstore and Google Play
  10. Publication of ready applications in AppStore and Google Play

The total development time was equal to 5 weeks.

Plans for the development of the application

In the future we plan to organize the automatic delivery of found dogs by drones (joking).

Do you need the similar project?

The approximate development time of the first complete version: 5-6 weeks. Please fill in the application form below to find out the cost. We do not clone our own or somebody else’s projects. However, references to close applications will help us understand the type of the project faster and evaluate it more accurately.