It is required to find a way to develop mobile applications for small pizza places. Development should be inexpensive, but taking into account the individual characteristics of particular pizza places. The task is also applicable for the delivery of other types of food: sushi, rolls, wok, etc..

Solution options

  1. Make individual “native” app, as for regular projects. We had to reject this option, as it still turns expensive.
  2. Make a general template application and change only logo with an assortment. Sell subscriber access for a small monthly fee. The disadvantage of this approach lies in the fact that almost any customer requests individual changes even for common tasks. Thus, the project is no longer “typical” and becomes an individual one (expensive and longer).

Henry Ford’s method

At his time, Henry Ford was able to dramatically reduce the cost of developing vehicles by standardizing processes. We took advantage of this wise decision and prepared our own skeleton-application.

All inclusive

This universal app is an excellent basis for the development of a mobile application to deliver pizza, sushi, wok and, indeed, any food. We just need to connect it to your website, which accepts delivery orders and modify the look to suit your corporate identity. Of course, it will be much cheaper than development of an application “from scratch”.

Everything and even more!

  • Registration and login by a phone number
  • Selection of the category of dishes
  • Section “Special offers and discounts”
  • Selection of a dish in the category
  • Detailed card of the dish with the parameters for the order (size of the pizza, ingredients, the choice of sauces, etc.)
  • Adding item to the cart and ordering
  • The history of the order and re-order from the history
  • Map with various delivery zones
  • Bonus: we have additionally implemented the customer support chat directly in the application. It works in WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger and is the most convenient, familiar and inexpensive way to provide customer support.

See in work

You can see a video recording of the application work on iPhone, as well as to install the Android app by following the link below:

Google Play


We can also demonstrate both applications at the personal meeting.

Do you need the similar project?

The approximate development time of the first complete version: 4-5 weeks. The minimum cost of two versions (iOS + Android): $9500. Please fill in the application form below to find out the cost. We do not clone our own or somebody else’s projects. However, references to close applications will help us understand the type of the project faster and evaluate it more accurately.