Aggregators to deliver food and taxi services have significantly simplified ordering such services. However, there are still no such aggregators for courier services in Russia. It was decided to launch such aggregator, but first the more detailed market analysis is needed.

Market analysis

  1. Such services already exist in the USA, for example Uber Rush. Similar services is provided by Get Taxi. No analogs have been launched yet in Russia.
  2. Some services have their own applications, but development of a separate application is too costly for a low-cost service.
  3. Our application will be of greatest value if it combines inexpensive courier services and gives user the choice of the lowest cost of delivery

Development plan

At the first stage, it was decided to develop a mobile application without server part, which would play the role of a prototype and helped to understand how a user interacts with the application. We chose Android platform for our prototype, as Android applications can be installed just by following the link without additional registration.


We chose the three main monetization forms for this application:

  1. Sale of leads (requests) for delivery to courier services. Cost of each lead – $3. A user is shown the cost of delivery, taking into account the cost of the lead.
  2. Sale of advertising with geotargeting. Each banner does not lead to the advertiser’s page, but directly to the application form. Thus, we sell not impressions and clicks, but direct applications. For example, an application for a loan, an application to purchase a car, an application for a mortgage, etc. The approximate cost of an application is $3.
  3. Display of own advertising with the transition to the application form.

Sending a request

  1. User specifies the address, where it is needed to pickup the package.
  2. Specified the type of the package, weight and date of sending.
  3. Specifies the address, where and at what time to deliver.
  4. The request is sent to the server and becomes accessible to courier services.

Selecting a service

  1. Created request is sent to all courier services. Some services react to this request and provide their price offer.
  2. The service shows the received offers, sorting them by price and rating of the service.
  3. User can see the feedback about the service and the suggested cost prior selecting a courier and then confirm the order.


You can download the app for Android below:

Google Play

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