Dog Locator

Mobile application to find lost dogs. Lost a dog? It is no longer a problem! We will be able to find it together. Publish the announcement directly from your phone: attach some photos of your furry friend, specify the breed and sex, as well as the point on the map, where the dog supposedly could be. Your neighbours will see the advertisement nearby and for sure will respond, if they have this application installed.

Food Mobile

Our technology reduces the cost of developing mobile applications to deliver pizza, sushi, wok. We have prepared a set of skeleton-components and made the two mobile apps to demonstrate their work (iPhone + Android). Each application is fully prepared to work with real orders.

Events guide for Norilsk

Mobile events guide of Norilsk: cinema sessions, concerts, exhibitions, events for children, parties, theatrical performances.


The app simplifies the transfer of funds for charitable purposes. Users receive bonus points for viewing ads and transfer them to charities through the mobile app.

Get Courier

Uber for couriers. This application aggregates courier deliver services and make it more user-friendly.